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Dime Web is an instrument dedicated to social sciences. Its scientific outlook is the digital trace, and it helps researchers analyze various dynamic and complex phenomena.

Technical trainings

Learn how to refine your tables, harvest the web with a crawler, explore a network with Gephi...

Methodological support

We will help you analyze your data, measure the properties corresponding to your research questions...

Digital research design

We design and develop research-driven tools and methods to enable innovative digital field work.


You have specific needs. Look how we worked with other teams.


European internal security agencies


Tweets about "Farmer Wants a Wife"


Corpus of French political websites


From designing participative research to research papers

  • A wish

    Your view needs not to be clear

    Introducing you to digital methods is our role. If you are a beginner, we will help you frame your project and provide technical support for your first steps.

  • Scientific excellence

    We select projects

    Our Scientific and Technical Committee selects the best projects in social science and humanities.

  • Web crawling

    Harvesting web contents and links

    Hyphe, our research-driven crawler, allows a fine-tuned and efficient harvest. We will provide training and support and the software is open source and available for free.

  • Refining

    Is your digital material consistent?

    Quality data support strong findings. If required, we will help you identify and fix discrepancies with Open Refine.

  • Visual network analysis

    Explore your data

    Discover Gephi‘s deepest tricks, or let us build beautiful visualizations dedicated to academic interpretation.

  • Academic writing

    Our tools are transparent

    We will help you describing each technical operation and methodological step.

  • Go
    With us!

Our Team

Mathieu Jacomy

Digital Methods Engineer

Benjamin Ooghe-Tabanou

Research Engineer

Our team is part of médialab at Sciences Po.

A scientific and technical committee develops DIME Web's strategic orientation. The committee members are: Dominique Cardon, Dana Diminescu, Guilhem Fouetillou, Dominique Goux, Delphine Lagarde, Raphaël Laurent, Olivier Martin, Clément Oury, Franck Rebillard, Roxane Silberman, Jérôme Thièvre et Tommaso Venturini.

Dime Web is an instrument of DIME SHS research equipment financed by the Equipex program (ANR-10-EQPX-19-01)

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